Booking VDO Handpick Vintage Tees (Minimum 50 pieces) 

- Mixed Tees $25USD include shipping DHL express

- Sweater $28USD include shipping DHL express

We store extra stock on our retails by category, organised by colour and brand. Making it easier for our clients and us to locate the stock you need for your business.

Whatever You can tell me what you want, I and my partner are ready to do business with you.


For all Handpick Enquiries please email us at:


WhatsApp +66639071777



Grade Definitions

Grade A - Good Condition, any small visible marks should wash out with the use of washing detergent and/or vanish.

Grade B - Some small stains that will require professional cleaning or a more in depth stain removal process, for very old vintage items some stains may be irremovable - but small. 

Grade C - Broken Zips, Larger Stubborn Stains & Rips/Tears.